Hi there!

My name is Colin and I’m an aspiring entrepreneur currently living in Orange County with my girlfriend Kelli and our awesome cat Kirby.  I love creating all kinds of different things and find that whenever I am expelling my creativity I truly loose myself in the process.  This website is the reflection and documentation of that process follow along!

My Brief History

I was born and raised in beautiful Ventura, California.  After attending the local college for a few years I transferred to California State University Northridge were I completed my bachelors in business administration.  While attending Northridge I started working for a mobile entertainment company in Ventura.  After graduation that job lead to a management position for the same company down in Orange County.

After moving down here with my girlfriend of 6 years I continued creating things I needed/ wanted for our apartment.  I’ve resurfaced our kitchen table, built a headboard out of pallets I found behind my office, refinished a chest I found on the side of the road and many other projects.  One thing that makes this whole process somewhat challenging and at times quite frustrating is the limited space I have to work with. That’s how Diy a Day was conceived.

The Start of Diy a Day

I wanted to help others like myself create awesome things when space seems to be at a minimum.  This idea was further reinforced when I came across this post on Reddit. I plan to try out every topic on the post outlined by this dude and figure out the best ways to complete them in a tiny apartment as well as minimizing the process used to complete the various projects.

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